Open Space: Supporting the Ukrainian higher education & science system in GER and UA

28 Okt

Open Space: Supporting the Ukrainian higher education & science system in GER and UA

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has been going on for more than half a year now, and a forthcoming solution to the conflict does not seem to be in sight. The Stifterverband is taking this as an reason to discuss medium- and longterm solutions to current challenges in an Open Space Format entitled „Supporting the higher education and science system in Germany and in Ukraine“. 

The Open Space will take place online on October 28 from 9am til 1pm. You can register until October 25 here.  

For whom is the Open Space? 

The Open Space is aimed at German and Ukrainian actors in the higher education and science system, politics and civil society in Germany and Ukraine, who want to work together with us on questions and solutions to adress the current crisis and learn for the future.

How exactly does an Open Space work?  

At an Open Space event, there is no set agenda in advance. The event starts with a short Flashlight Impulse, after which – in the opening phase of the Open Space – the moderator invites all those who wish to contribute a topic to briefly introduce it and assign a time slot and break-out room to the topic. Thus, at the end of this phase, the program with various parallel sessions will be created. You are therefore invited to contribute to the Open Space with a topic of your own, but you can also simply participate as a participant. In the next phase you go to the session(s) of your choice.  
In all sessions, the most important things are recorded on a Miro board. If you want to learn more about the method, we recommend this page: What Is Open Space Technology? | OpenSpaceWorld.ORG 
If you have any questions feel free to contact Ms. Wiebke Hoffmann

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