Taftie Academy: How To Make AI Programmes Ethically Sound

23 Mär

Taftie Academy: How To Make AI Programmes Ethically Sound

Artificial intelligence technologies offer manifold promises for economy and society, but also bring some new challenges. The workshop will address various questions related to the funding of AI research. What can be the role of funding agencies regarding the societal impact of AI? How can agencies tackle the aforementioned challenges and support companies and research organisations in arriving at products, processes, skills and knowledge, which are ethically sound? Participants will discuss different approaches to, e.g., project selection procedures, risk assessment processes and tools, and concrete examples coming also from the partaking agencies.

These topics will be covered through different methods, such as short input presentations, (good) practice examples by facilitators and experts from innovation agencies, discussions in small groups and the plenary as well as networking elements.

The programme

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