HFDcon 2022 Blendend University – What’s coming, what’s staying?

The Hochschulforum Digitalisierung invited students, teachers and university administrators on June 30, 2022: Finally back in presence and with a promising program, the HFD community and all interested parties from the higher education environment came together to discuss the topic of “Blended University”. Read here the thesis paper University Teaching 2025, which was developed cooperatively in the run-up to and at the event, and the resulting HFD discussion paper Zukunftsbild Hochschullehre 2025.


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Future image of university teaching

How do we best implement teaching after the corona semesters, how much online and how much presence can there be? What does the digitization push mean for the university as a place of teaching and learning, and what is the role of university administrators when teaching changes its original form? We will explore these and other questions on June 30 and look forward to your assessments and an exciting exchange!

In close dialogue, we develop visions for innovative and future-oriented teaching together with community members who have registered in advance. In interactive reflection processes and exciting workshops, we highlight good experiences of online teaching and sum up the practice so far – what’s new and what remains?

Recording of the event

Documentation of the workshop sessions

Workshop A: LEAP – Learning Experience Accelerator Program. How to transform undergraduate courses into a blended delivery at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia

Project manager(s): Bettina Pfaendner, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne



Workshop C: Between face-to-face and online teaching: Avatar-based teaching and learning

Project manager(s): Heribert Nacken, RWTH Aachen



Workshop F: The Open Resources Campus NRW – How the design of hybrid teaching can succeed together

Project manager(s): Markus Deimann, ORCA.nrw



Workshop G: Testing High III – Fellows: Digital Exams “out of the Box

Project manager(s): Matthias Bandtel, University Network Digitalization in Teaching Baden-Württemberg



Workshop H: Where do we go from here? A concept for the design of an internal blended learning training programs

Project manager(s): Mona Aykul, Turkish German University



Workshop I: Future Literacy – Shaping the Future of Universities Yourself

Project manager(s): Nathalie Fischer, Stuttgart Media University


Impressions from the event

HFDcon 2022