The HFDnetzwerk platform is the central meeting place of, for and with the HFD community. It offers various functions for finding other experts, networking with them, making one’s own commitment visible, and exchanging information on topics related to digital and innovative teaching. At the beginning of 2023, the previous HFDnet and our Community Certificate HFDcert were merged, so that all offers can now be used easily via a common platform.


The central and free platform HFDnetwork offers our community numerous options:

  1. A searchable member directory that allows users to find targeted interlocutors and topic-specific exchange formats in the field of digital teaching. With the help of the search function as well as the attached map, you can also be shown people who come from your or another searched city or region, who have specific competencies or come from a certain (specialist) field.

  2. At the same time, you can also present your expertise and concrete projects yourself. Registered members can store corresponding data on their profile page - publicly or only visible to the community.

  3. The integrated instant messenger service Mattermost allows you to contact other members directly, or exchange ideas with others in diverse discussion channels. Likewise, you can create new groups yourself with just a few clicks.

  4. You can also use our Community Certificate "HFDcert" via HFDnetzwerk and have your activities as well as informally and autodidactically acquired skills recognized through a peer review process and thus make them visible.

The central platform of the HFD

Thanks to Single sign-on you can easily and directly access all offers – HFDnetwork, HFDcert as well as Mattermost. You only need a single account for all services.

In early 2023, the previously separate HFDnet and HFDcert platforms were merged into one central location in the form of HFDnetwork. In the course of this, further functions were and are added. Also revised the look and usability of the pages.

Register on HFDnetwork and benefit from the exchange with the HFD community. Use the knowledge of others and share your own expertise!