Peer-to-peer faculty consultation

Peer-to-peer faculty consulting supports departments in the strategic, methodological and content-related further development of studying and teaching in the context of digitization. Since 2021, it has supplemented the existing Consulting offer of the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung to support universities by adding a department-specific perspective. Each year a different subject (area) is addressed. The consultation is accompanied by experienced experts from the professional and HFD community.

The digital transformation opens up new potential for universities to further develop their profiles, structures, and offerings related to teaching and learning. That’s why universities need strategies for digitization in teaching and learning. However, a strategy that encompasses the entire university is not sufficient for sustainable change in studying and teaching. It is important that strategic concepts are transferred to the specific professional contexts and transformed into individual strategies by the responsible departments. These strategies should be adapted to the respective challenges and subject cultures, taking into account developments in the subject areas and involving all stakeholders involved.

We support departments in the strategic, methodological and content-related further development of studying and teaching in the context of digitization. The process is intended to strengthen department heads in their role as strategic designers and to enable departments to reflect on their didactic concepts, to analyze their strategic approaches, and to further develop concrete measures in cooperation with internal university actors and external experts.

In addition to the intensive work with the selected departments, the project aims to gain general insights for digitization in the respective department as well as for strategy development at the department level, to make the findings of the consultation processes transferable for the entire department, and to make them available to all INterested parties in the department in the form of working and discussion papers, blog contributions, and in other media.

All (partially) independent units of a university that can essentially be attributed to the disciplines addressed are explicitly addressed.

Peer-to-peer faculty consultation consists of two elements:

  1. The departments are advised along their individual goals and challenges by peer experts from the field and the HFD community on an equal footing. Elements include self-reflection on the current situation, discussion rounds and workshops with stakeholders from the department, and a report with individual recommendations for action.

  2. In parallel, the exchange of the two selected departments is promoted. In tandem, the project teams support each other in the strategy process, discuss challenges and approaches to solutions regarding the digitization of the subject, and thus contribute to the transfer of the results. Regular exchange meetings and workshops are held for this purpose.

Selected departments and participating universities

The medical faculties of the University of Jena and the University of Düsseldorf were selected for the 2023/2024 round.

In the 2022/23 round, two departments with a focus on mechanical engineering were selected:

  • Department of Production Engineering, University of Bremen
  • Faculty of Transportation and Machine Systems, TU Berlin

In the 2021/22 pilot phase, two economics departments with a focus on business administration were selected:

  • Department of Economics, Kiel University of Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Economics, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences