Stakeholder dialog

The stakeholder dialog in the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung serves as a central venue for discussion and strategic exchange on the digital transformation between the Hochschulforum and relevant stakeholders in the education system. It meets once a year, creates synergies, networks, and has an authoritative guiding function for the HFD and the higher education system as a whole.

The Stakeholder Dialogue was established in 2017 as an advisory and dissemination body to the HFD. In the new project phase until 2025, it will be further developed into a place of political strategic dialogue that reflects the work of the HFD in interaction with the relevant stakeholders and actors at federal and state level in order to jointly explore synergy and transfer potentials. For this purpose, the perspective of the Länder, as the sponsors of most public universities, is also taken into account in particular.

The Stakeholder Dialogue is composed of representatives from university administrations of all major types of universities, federal and state policy makers, support institutions and networks of the states, students, federal infrastructure institutions, and foundations.

The stakeholder dialog meets once a year. It is chaired by Prof. Dr. Michael Jäckel, President of the University of Trier. The stakeholder dialogue is supervised by the HRK.

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