As a centre of innovation and competence, Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (German Forum for Higher Education in the Digital Age) informs, advises and connects higher education institutions and policy makers on the path towards education in the digital age.

Our fields of action

Peer-to-peer strategy consulting

Each year, HFD offers individualised peer-to-peer consulting services to six higher education institutions concerning their institutional strategy for the digital age. In addition, the Forum conducts studies and develops overarching strategies for HEIs.

Network for higher education teaching

In its network for higher education teaching, HFD connects university teachers, higher education staff and students. It is designed to promote exchanges across disciplines and HEIs and to build competence in the field of digital teaching and learning.

Working groups

Each year, HFD forms three working groups to address current issues and challenges and to develop solutions for higher education practice. The findings of the working groups are made available to the public through studies, guidelines and other publications. From 2017 to 2018, HFD organises the following working groups: "Curriculum 4.0 – Curriculum development in the 21st century"; "Recognition and transfer credit for digital teaching formats"; as well as "Teacher education and digitalisation".

Call for experts

HFD is constantly looking for experts in digital teaching and learning to support its work. Experts interested in becoming involved in the Forum are invited to apply via the Call for Experts on the HFD website.