New study: Interoperability in higher education

New study: Interoperability in higher education


Interoperability in higher education aims to increase collaboration and networking between European universities. It represents a crucial challenge on the way to a global education landscape. How these can be implemented and barriers removed in the short, medium and long term is highlighted in the study “Interoperability in Higher Education”. Download the new study here. ​

The study Interoperability in Higher Education” was conducted in close cooperation between Technopolis and the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung from November 2022 to July 2023.

More guidance and direction is required from policy makers and mandated stakeholders to reduce systemic uncertainty, create (technical) alignment and actively shape the path towards an interoperable European higher education system. A key factor is more effective use of public funds to achieve interoperability in higher education.

The study’s short-, medium-, and long-term recommendations for those on the path to interoperability-from the European Commission to member states, alliances, academia, and the private sector-show how we can work together to achieve interoperability.