Strategy development

Digital teaching and learning will become an integral part of higher education.

However, HEIs need overarching strategies for the digital age to ensure that digital learning opportunities and new curricular and degree structures are in alignment with the institution’s general development goals, its target groups and its strategy for cooperation. Given the diversity and heterogeneity in Germany’s higher education landscape, as well as the diversity of digital teaching and learning scenarios, a one-size-fits-all solution towards digitalisation is hardly feasible.

To address this challenge, Hochschulforum Digitalisierung will offer peer-to-peer consulting to six universities each year until 2020 to help them develop their own strategy for digital teaching and learning. In cooperation with selected experts, independent studies will be conducted to derive further overarching strategies and university profiles for a digital age. The findings will be published and made openly accessible. At an annual conference, the findings of the peer-to-peer advising will be presented and discussed. The first strategy conference is scheduled for September 2018.