Dimensions and Indicators of the Digital Turn in Higher Education


Dimensions and indicators of the digital turn in higher education

Every year from now until 2020, HFD will help six universities individually with peer-to-peer counseling to develop strategies for higher education in the digital age. Acting on the assumption that a majority of universities face similar challenges as digitalization rolls on, HFD at this time is developing an interactive toolbox containing high-level findings from peer-to-peer consulting that all universities can benefit from and implement in their own strategizing. An important feature of the toolbox is a listing of dimensions and indicators for the digital turn at universities as it affects university teaching. They can serve as guidelines for universities in gauging how far along their own institutions are in strategic development and implementation of teaching in the digital age and to reflect on them. The particular model for elaborating the dimensions and indicators is the “HEInnovate” self-assessment tool for innovative activities by universities, a European Commission initiative which HFD collaborated on. You can find more information on that project here. The listed dimensions and indicators do not pretend to reflect all of the activities and design variables of German universities. Rather, they are intended as reference points for thinking about the prevailing implementation status in a structured manner. Support our efforts! You can review the beta version of the dimensions and indicators list for the digital turn in higher education under the link below. We encourage you to use the list as an aid in reflecting on the process of strategizing teaching in your university. You are also welcome to leave comments with your suggestions relating to the dimensions and indicators for future revisions of the toolbox. We will appreciate your feedback!

Collaborative document on dimensions and indicators of the digital turn in higher education teaching