OEB 2017 "Learning uncertainty"


The OEB Conference defines itself as "the global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training" and takes place since 2002. In 2017, the subject will be "Learning Uncertainty". To introduce the topic, the organizers write: "Uncertainty is the defining characteristic of our age. Our uncertainty is born of the rapid and continuing change around us. Technology is already developing faster than we can learn the skills we need to use it. Information is the world's most valuable commodity. Demographic change, political turbulence, economic challenges and environmental threats confront us. There has always been uncertainty but this is different."

The event wants to face the uncertainty by questioning if we could accept it, manage it and even thrive on it. Concerning the process of learning there are questions like "Can we learn uncertainty? Is it a language or an equation, a philosophy or a science? How should it be taught? And how can we learn uncertainty when the future of learning itself is uncertain?". 

The conference starts wednesday with selected pre-conference workshops. The main conference days thursday and friday are filled with plenary debates, spotlight stages, sessions, labs & demos, fringe events and meet-ups. For a closer look on the programme, please visit the website of the event.


Mi, 6.12.2017 (ganztägig)-Fr, 8.12.2017 (ganztägig)

Hotel InterContinental
Budapester Str. 2
10787 Berlin