ELIG Conference 2017


Digitalization is progressing rapidly. Impacting the domain of work but also our social and private lifes. According to a popular narrative, education and learning generally lag behind in this transformation and possibly even fail to provide 21st century skills.

ELIG 2017 „Hack the Educational Future“ challenges this narrative and brings together leading cases from European schools to higher education and innovative workplace learning. From maker-, coding- and creative grassroots initiatives, EdTech firms and the education industry.

The traditional set-up of the conference is reversed: the participants will start right into practical workshops to gain first-hand maker experience with techniques such as design thinking, phenomenon based learning, AI and next generation immersive learning experiences at day 1 at the Godsbanen Center for Cultural Production. The Dokk1 Media Space will be the setting of the pleanry day 2 of the conference. There will be panels and keynotes assessing issues like "Can we hack education?" or "Integrating digital creativity and exploration into learning". Learn more about speakers and the event on the website of ELIG conference.


Do, 28.9.2017 (ganztägig)-Fr, 29.9.2017 (ganztägig)

Godsbanen Center for Cultural Production / Dokk 1 Urban Media Space
Aarhus (DK)